Ginger Humeston

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A few years ago, I was experiencing severe shoulder pain, that the orthopedic surgeon said was a rotator cuff tear. After trying physical therapy with no success, he said the next step was surgery. Instead of complying, I asked Rosetta (who I had been seeing for massage therapy since 1994), to work with my shoulder. Within 4 – 6 weeks I had full range of motion! Rosetta also educated me about the relationship between body and mind. The physical therapist worked only on the bad shoulder…Rosetta explained that we need balance and that both the good and painful shoulders needed to be addressed. I also understood how pain inhibited progress. Because physical therapy hurt, Rosetta explained that even before my appointment, my brain would remind my shoulder about the pain I was to experience. Rosetta’s approach was to use massage and movement on my shoulder and then stop at the point of pain. Soon I was coming to my appointments without tensing with fear of more pain. I found it a fascinating journey and feel very grateful for her skills, knowledge, and incorporation of many techniques. Massage therapy was a pain-free, economical way to heal. I also think it is one of the best pro-active wellness prescriptions for the aging body.