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I have had numerous wonderful massages with Rosetta over the years! Her touch is perfect and her caring manner pure pleasure to trust myself to. I highly recommend her work!!!

Pamela Hochstetter Avatar
Pamela Hochstetter

Love CT Mind Body Works! Rosetta and Byron are such caring, knowledgable and experienced massage professionals. Rosetta gives an amazing massage and facial with all natural products that she makes herself!!

Sarah Zimmerman Avatar
Sarah Zimmerman

Felt right at home with Rosetta. Brought my 8 year old son for a massage session. He has been experiencing headaches on and off for a couple of months. He was very relaxed during his session. Rosetta’s experienced touch and wonderful energy really helped. She offered helpful advice and provided essential oils to aid in pain management. Looking forward to our next visit, staying on course to better health.

Stacy Perrone-Petta Avatar
Stacy Perrone-Petta

If your body needs healing and your mind needs quieting schedule an appointment at Mind Body Works. Byron and Rosetta Eddy are gifted massage therapists with years of experience.

Byron is a master in body movement and in body alignment. After having a massage with Byron I always feel completely relaxed, I breathe deeper and I move more freely.

In addition to therapeutic massage, Rosetta also offers a lovely revitalizing facial . She has crafted her own line of pure face and body cream and a great pure under eye serum, that I use daily.

Mind Body Works is a unique space, created by Rosetta and Byron that is holistic, inviting and deeply healing!

regina mastrianno Avatar
regina mastrianno

Rosetta and Byron are both incredible massage therapists. I also love Rosetta's facials and handmade skin care line! It's in the most enchanted garden, and you can feel the love and care they provide in every moment. I always leave relaxed and happy. It's been very therapeutic for a variety of health problems, and I'm definitely going to come back regularly!

Ramdesh Kaur Avatar
Ramdesh Kaur

Highly recommend! Byron and Rosetta have been doing this for a very long time and really know their business - in addition to being two of the nicest people.

Mickey Morris Avatar
Mickey Morris

Mind Body Works is the best! Rosetta and Byron go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect and that you are as comfortable and cared for, as possible. The are knowledgeable and caring masseusses who are trained in many modalities. This means they can personalize your treatment for exactly what you need - physical or emotional. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful, relaxing and healing experience. we

Cynthia Rabinowitz Avatar
Cynthia Rabinowitz

I have been getting massages from both Rosetta and Byron of Mind-Body Works for over 25 years. I find their touch, professionalism, care and skill unmatched! When there have been problems, they both have knowledge in how to address the area specifically and thereby ease the discomfort immediately. As a woman in the height of the MeToo Movement, it's breathtaking to work with a man and have no concern of any personal violations. Byron's skill, talent, consideration and ultimate professionalism is profound. The same goes for Rosetta, her touch is completely knowledgeable and deeply comforting. Time and again I have benefited from her adept hands which are backed by her intense skill and open heart. I highly recommend Mind Body Works and encourage anyone considering a massage to make an appointment. You will not be disappointed and most assuredly you will want to return.

Thank you Mind-Body Works for your years of commitment and devotion to true and profoundly meaningful touch, I am better because of your work!

Victoria Christgau Avatar
Victoria Christgau

Rosetta and Byron are lovely people, and Rosetta gives a wonderful thorough massage, always aware of one’s needs and issues. A delightful person to spend an hour with. Also , an extraordinary Gardner! Thanks

Kelly Kurz Avatar
Kelly Kurz

Rosetta is 5 star EXCELLENT!!!!!!

Sara Orr Poskas Avatar
Sara Orr Poskas

Rosetta first massaged me pregnant 25 years ago! She has this ability to focus into your body’s needs. She’s trusting and professional and very kind. I have never been disappointed! Byron is also tremendous! No matter we’re ive gone.....there’s no place like home!😁

Robert Mcildowie Avatar
Robert Mcildowie

Byron and Rosetta are very good massage therapists and lovely, gentle souls.

Missy Stevens Avatar
Missy Stevens

Byron and Rosetta couldn't be any nicer and more professional. I would recommend their services highly! Rosetta's skin care line is also a "must try"!

Anne Corsak Avatar
Anne Corsak

I grew up coming to Mind Body Works with my family since I was a young boy. Now my wife and I travel over an hour to share in the healing hands and friendship of Byron and Rosetta. I look forward to my son coming with me to experience this wonderful world of inner peace and rejuvenation.

Max Schlicher Avatar
Max Schlicher

5 star ratingI love going to Mind Body Works whenever I am in the Woodbury area. I always leave feeling so relaxed and stress-free. Rosetta also uses her own massage products that are homemade and all natural which is such a perk! Can't wait to try your new CBD enhanced massages. Thanks for everything!

Sara Z. Avatar
Sara Z.

5 star ratingI have been blessed to know Rosetta as a massage therapist as well as a dear friend for over thirty years.  My blood pressure goes down as soon as I turn into her driveway.  It is a gift to have a massage and facial and I swear I look younger and more relaxed every time I leave.  I can close my eyes and see myself in her presence, lying  on the table unwinding as her healing hands make me feel instantly better. Slowly the cares of the world disappear, my breathing slows, and I am at peace.

Mind and Body Works-an apt name for a place I view as a sanctuary.

Paul A. Avatar
Paul A.

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