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Infrared sauna woodbury ct

About Our Infrared Sauna in Woodbury, CT

Our luxurious infrared sauna will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Infrared, which is also referred to as far-infrared, with “far” referring to infrared’s location on the light spectrum, which uses the healing part of the light spectrum and warms the body from the inside out. The sauna uses a set temperature between 120-130 degrees to warm your body with a comfortable, calming heat. Sauna's provide a detoxification process for the body to sweat out toxins that build up within the pores. Although traditional saunas provide detoxification, they are typically unbearable for most people for more than 5-10 minutes due to the intense heat (180-195 degrees). The infrared sauna's heat is also able to penetrate deeper into your body thereby melting away muscle tension, allowing you to relax and take time for yourself to focus on your health and well-being!
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Benefits of Our Relaxing Infrared Sauna

At Mind Body Works, we emphasize the importance of detoxing the body in a natural way, which is possible through therapeutic massage. However, many clients also opt to use the infrared sauna in conjunction with the massage due to the numerous benefits it provides. There is emerging evidence recently published by Mayo Clinic that suggests that there are a multitude of health benefits including decreased risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and pulmonary diseases. Other benefits of our infrared sauna include: loosening tight muscles, reducing joint pain related to arthritis, sweating out toxins in your body, improving sleep, increased circulation, facilitating weight loss, reducing headaches, and boosting the immune system to combat illness such as the flu and lyme disease.

Please let us know in advance if you would like to use the infrared sauna so that we can ready the room with  towels, a rehydrating glass of lemon water, and create a relaxing ambiance in the space. 
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Pricing for the Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna is $25 for 30 minutes, which is the longest we recommend that our clients use it for. You can also purchase 5 sauna sessions for $100. If you are a new massage client at Mind Body Works, we offer a complimentary infrared sauna session free of charge. 
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Infrared Sauna

Our Testimonials

Rosetta and Byron are fantastic, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals who have dedicated their lives to providing high-quality service to their clients. Highly recommended.

Nancy McMillan
I've experienced massage with both Byron and Rosetta of Body Works. These to gifted body workers are intuitive and highly skilled, always finding the places within that need special attention. The experience is always restorative and fulfilling.
Marlow Shami
I've received bodywork from Rosetta for 25 years. As a licensed massage therapist (LMT) I can discern the good-enough from the best-there-is and Rosetta is the best. She can determine what my body needs and lovingly applies it.
Hedda Leonard

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