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Published: March 3, 2014

Walking with Ease and Power,June 26th

Walking With Ease and Power

Sunday, June 26th,10:00-12:30

Byron Eddy LMT CMI Walking is the premier functional exercise of daily human life. Observe people walking and you will see many different forms. Why? It is a learned behavior and is not part of our autonomic nervous system. We learned to walk primarily through observation and experimentation. Using the functional pathways of CMI we can become aware of and change, in a positive way, our habitual patterns and come out better possibly avoiding hip, knee, and back trouble. Dellagrotte Core Movement Integration is designed to promote efficient, integrated movement through the whole body using the brain’s sense and image of movement and specific movement lessons. Byron  teaches Core Movement integration (CMI) to individuals and groups. Developed by Josef Dellagrotte, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ direct students,CMI uses movement awareness to improve function.

In this two and a half hour class you will be guided into new ways of walking from standing, lying, and sitting positions. This is not an exercise class and is beneficial to all people in all “walks” of life. Dress in comfortable clothing and be prepared to move. Bring a yoga mat and a large bath towel. Class Fee $24.00 Registration Required.


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