Our View of Wellness

Think of a spiral: When a pebble falls through water,
it gently displaces the liquid and spirals up energy that breaks through
the surface and radiates outward in a ripple effect. In a similar fashion,
we believe that attending to the mind and body with massage techniques
spirals energy deep into our core, our soul, and our essence.

This dynamic mind-body transformation then spirals outward again,
drawing out “dis-ease” – which is unnecessary to our wellbeing. The transformation
creates an energetic, dynamic breathing within the whole body.

Simply put, massage affects each of us deeply and individually.
Without being invasive, it opens us to healing energy.
That spiral of our energy extends into our surroundings, touching many
others along the way. As we heal and transform ourselves, we have a
positive affect on others and they on us.

Byron & Rosetta